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Not only do we sincerely appreciate your specialty timber products purchases, we would also like to know about your experience with Southern Woodcraft & Design. Please feel free to contact us with your comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Customer Reviews

In this day and age of wanting to just push through sales and move on to the next sale, I greatly appreciate and feel fortunate to have worked with Dana. In my opinion she went above what today is considered good customer service.

I initially created this account to order one single beam, but I had questions to make sure I ordered the correct product. I left a voice mail and Dana promptly called me back. When she called, she answered my questions patiently. Dana also made suggestions on what may do (primarily getting the borer bit for mounting). She then asked if she could do some research as for shipping (since I needed a 12 foot beam). She called me back and was very apologetic for my shipping options, which I fully understand are completely out of your hands, and she did give me good answers.

I chose the beam I wanted, the surfaces I wanted, and the shipping options, and ordered it with Dana. And this is where her exceptional customer service kicked in. From what I understand, I will be installing this beam in a non-traditional way. I ordered a 4x8 beam, but the 4" side will be on the ceiling -not an 8". Because of this, she wanted to confirm the correct sides I wanted surfaced. The next day she called back with some more questions to make sure we have the way to secure the beam for my fullest satisfaction. The question revolved around can I access the mounting points of this beam from above the ceiling. There were some concerns of what is the best way to mount the beam. I confirmed that I have full access from above. She then called back with one more question because she thought I said I had different mounting options and she wanted to make sure those options would be sufficient to truly support the beam. I informed her that I would be actually mounting this beam like a traditional header with jack studs and we would just leave the beam exposed. If you have a question this is not a load bearing situation, we just need a way to differentiate the two rooms.

Again, Dana did an excellent job in customer service in both before and after the sale. She wanted to fully understand our intentions so we would have the best product.

My only regret is that we only needed 1 beam because with customer support like that I would love to give you more business. We will definitely be giving your name to anyone who needs real wood beams.

—Mike Clousng   Website Customer

I am a custom home builder in Raleigh, NC. We have used Southern Woodcraft for over 10 years, for both interior and exterior timber products, as well as their box-beam products that simulate the look of solid ceiling beams without the immense weight. The attention to detail is amazing even after all these years. Before Southern Woodcraft offered these products, we had to purchase green beams of custom cut and let them dry (versus the air dried material SWC supplies) which was a very long process with no guarantee of the finished product. SWC has always had a solution to the odd challenges that custom homes constantly raise. 'Authentic' is the best word to describe what they can provide for you.

—Chris Grable   Legacy Custom Homes

Southern Woodcraft & Design provides high quality materials as well as outstanding customer service. I have worked with them on several projects over the years. Our most recent collaboration came to life once the cedar work started going in; this house has started to feel more like a home since. Due to their professionalism and expertise, I will definitely continue to order beautiful cedar products from them for future projects.

—Michelle Prather   Wolfe Homes

Calling Southern Woodcraft The Total Package would be an understatement.  For years their team has supplied our company with beautiful, high quality, easy to assemble structures. They leave no stone unturned from start to finish. On our management side of the installation, Southern Woodcraft is second to none. From the initial quote and rapid delivery of shop drawings to their precise delivery schedule, they help us maintain an accurate schedule of finished product delivery. Our installation crews then take over and are highly impressed with Southern Woodcraft as well. The crews receive the kits at the exact time they are requested. The kits contain detailed assembly instructions with helpful hints because they have all been pre-assembled by technicians at Southern Woodcraft and disassembled for transport. The pre-assemblies are even photo documented. Our installers also appreciate clearly labeled components, pre-packaged hardware, and most importantly should they need technical assistance or have a simple question they know that Southern Woodcraft is a quick call away. Our crews actually argue over who gets to install the Southern Woodcraft products. That alone speaks volumes to us. Rest assured that when purchasing or installing products from Southern Woodcraft you are getting The Total Package from start to finish.

—Robbie Whitfield   President  Span Builders

I have completed many projects with Mike and Dana Drew at Southern Woodcraft. They are very professional, timely, and their work is impeccable. I build custom homes and I've found Mike to be one of the most talented wood workers out there. They are very creative and their work is flawless.

—Allen Wells   Hayes Barton Homes

I have worked with Mike and Dana on several jobs now and the experience has been outstanding. The attention to detail is fantastic and the quality of materials they provide is second to none. Not only do they provide a great product, but are very open to listening to your ideas and thoughts and come up with ways to interpret them and come up with a beautiful product. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs these services.

—Howard Patton   Bost Custom Homes

Scott Daves Construction Co. builds highly detailed custom homes and we have worked with Southern Woodcraft & Design for 10 years. Mike and Dana Drew have helped with all of our timber and cedar needs. Whether the project is a small cedar roof bracket or a $30,000 arbor trellis, it is always professionally done. Mike is a true craftsman that I would HIGHLY recommend!

—Scott Daves   Scott Daves Construction

Once again, you have exceeded my expectations with the products you provided for my personal home! They all look great and are made with care and precision! I always appreciate how well thought out your products are from the conception all the way to the installation. You don't miss any detail and I can always be assured that the product is built right and has all the right parts and pieces for very easy install! I recommend you guys whenever I get the chance! Again, thanks for another job well done! Thanks!

—Marcus Rabun   Vice President   Myers & Chapman, Inc.

I have been installing and providing Southern Woodcraft products for my customers for about ten years now. My experience has been that the timber kits they provide are very easy to install and require minimal carpentry skills. The timber kits come with detailed installation instructions that are clear and user friendly. All timber kits are premium quality kiln dried materials and come pre-drilled with all hardware that will be needed for installation. The Southern Woodcraft team is by far the best vendor I use when it comes to customer service. Their design team is very helpful and answer any questions you have about installation and work with you to bring your timber visions to life. Southern Woodcraft pays close attention to detail and I would highly recommend using their timber products.

—Harvey Skinner  Northern Woodworks Inc

I have worked with Southern Woodcraft & Design for over 6 years on many different types of projects. The timber kits they provide are top of the line. They come pre-drilled, with hardware and instructions to make installation a breeze. We have installed everything from simple porch kits to complicated timber trusses and gazebos, and the team at Southern Woodcraft is always available for consultation and support.

—Buck Smith   Fine Line Construction