Header Hardware Options

Hidden FastnersFlush Tapered PlugsExposed Walnut Pegs

Hidden Fasteners

Flush Tapered Plugs

Exposed Walnut Pegs

Hidden Fastener Hardware Kit provides a seamless header application. Wood screws are used to attach the timber header in such a way that the screws are concealed, but the header is secured to the base structure. This header hardware option must be installed before the stone or brick has been applied.

Flush Tapered Plug Hardware Kit produces a seamless appearance. Underlying lag bolts are concealed by the uniform integration of cedar plugs with the timber header.  

Exposed Walnut Peg Hardware Kit option is used with our Historically Correct timber surface textures to replicate the appearance of peg joinery used in the construction structures of the past to add that extra touch of  "Old World" charm.