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Timber Characteristics

Broad ax textures wood surface


Western Red Cedar is known for its warm coloring, natural beauty and outstanding physical properties and naturally comes in many color variations.  Each product will contain unique and natural colors, textures and grains that may differ from one product to the next.  Solid cedar products may also have unique and natural knots and checks or cracks.  These natural characteristics are what make each product unique and bring elegance, beauty and distinction to your project.


Timbers will "season" or get acclimated to their current surrounding conditions. In this acclimation process, the outer fibers will lose moisture to the surrounding atmosphere and attempt to shrink, but the inner portion of the timber member loses moisture at a much slower rate resulting in surface cracks or "checks" known as checking. This checking is a normal and natural characteristic of wood. It is not a defect. This process will stabilize as the moisture content of the timber reaches equilibrium with the surrounding environmental conditions. At Southern Woodcraft & Design, we take steps in our process to season our timber prior to production to reduce additional checking in our products.


Within the first 12-18 months after installation, we recommend re-coating your timbers with the wood protector stain. After the first re-application of stain, you may re-coat your timbers as desired to obtain the look you prefer. Our Standard stain is available for purchase directly from Southern Woodcraft & Design.

For more information and pricing, contact  Southern Woodcraft & Design  or call (919) 693-8995.

Southern Woodcraft & Design LLC offers a product warranty covering faulty workmanship or any structural defects. Checking is not a structural defect and therefore is not covered under our warranty.