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Our Process

Southern Woodcraft & Design's facility for producing specialty timber products for interior, exterior and landscape applications.

Quality ... Craftsmanship ... Integrity ... Service

At Southern Woodcraft & Design, "Quality ... Craftsmanship ... Integrity ... Service" is not just our motto, it is our mission. Once you recognize the quality and craftsmanship of our specialty timber products, observe our attention to detail, understand our process, and experience our exemplary service, we know you will agree.

We begin by carefully selecting high quality Western Red Cedar ...

Old Growth Western Red Cedar timber obtained from forests of Western CanadaSouthern Woodcraft & Design has become the definitive name in specialty timber products by combining creative artistry and technical skill with quality building materials. We purchase only the highest quality Sustainably Sourced Old Growth Western Red Cedar timber from the west coast of Canada. Western Red Cedar is one of the world's finest building materials. Its exceptional warmth, character, natural durability, dimensional stability and beauty make it ideal for a variety of exterior and interior uses. Both professionals and do-it-yourself-ers find it lightweight and easy to handle and install. No man-made material can duplicate its naturally luxurious appearance.

We "season" and square our raw timber ...

Premium quality Western Red CedarThe timbers arrive here in the "rough" form, and we carefully sort through and inspect each piece to insure it will live up to our standard of quality during the production process and for the life of the product. Southern Woodcraft & Design then re-straps each unit with spacer blocks so the timbers will continue to air dry prior to moving into production. This process allows moisture in the wood to escape thereby producing a much more stable finished product. Once dry, we hand select each piece of timber with the finished product in mind. The timbers are then brought to the saw mill where they are re-sawn to be square and true with a uniform band sawn surface.

Each timber product is custom crafted with skill and precision ...

Hand plane tool for smoothing timber surfaces The squared timber blanks are then sent to the skilled craftsmen to be transformed into timber features such as corbels, corner braces, overhang brackets, timber posts, box beams, mantels, and other timber products. All of our products are hand-cut by Southern Woodcraft & Design's experienced craftsmen with precision and care.

Surface texture detailing and finishing touches are added ...

Boad Ax creates unique timber surface texturesOur special surface textures and corner options are all created by hand, most of which use historic tools such as the Draw Knife, Broad Ax, and Adz. Precision pre-drilling is available with a variety of treatments to provide either seamless integration with our custom cedar plugs or distinctive detailing with walnut pegs. Our optional standard stain is an exterior, long-lasting, oil-based stain sealer which protects the beauty of the wood while providing a rich transparent finish. Each product is then carefully inspected to ensure that it meets with our high standards held for our exceptional products.

Finally, we ship your new specialty timber product to you ...

Custom home with specialty timber products from Southern Woodcraft & Design
Once our specialty timber product has passed inspection, it is carefully packaged for shipment. At Southern Woodcraft & Design we not only strive to provide you with an exceptional product in a timely fashion, but we also work to obtain the best possible shipping rates for you.

"Quality ... Craftsmanship... Integrity ... Service"

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