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Our materials

Why Use Western Red Cedar?

Beauty, Flexibility, and Durability

Western Red Cedar is known for its warm coloring, natural beauty and outstanding physical properties. Beauty and durability, the hallmarks of Western Red Cedar, have made it one of the world's most widely specified woods for many aspects of residential design. It is the premium choice of material for Southern Woodcraft & Design’s timber products due to its design flexibility, dependable durability, proven longevity, and great workability. Our wood posts and beams, wood corbels, wood brackets, timber mantels, timber trusses, and more can add rustic charm to the chalet-inspired décor as well as compliment the clean lines in ultra-modern settings and highlight the classical elegance of a traditional home.

Resistance to Decay

One of Western Red Cedar's most valuable characteristics is its high resistance to decay. It is one of the most durable coniferous species and can be counted on to give long and reliable service under most conditions. Cedar's decay resistance comes from the presence of naturally occurring fungicidal compounds called thujaplicins. Another extractive present in the wood, thujic acid, helps make the wood resistant to insect attack. With our proper finish and a little maintenance, cedar products will deliver years of reliable service.

Low Shrinkage Factor

Like all timbers, Western Red Cedar will absorb or discharge moisture to attain equilibrium with the surrounding atmosphere. However, it has a very low shrinkage factor and is superior to other coniferous woods in its resistance to warping, twisting, and checking. Southern Woodcraft & Design uses an internal grading system on all timbers to further ensure that the timber is used in ways that best suit its natural characteristics. Free of Heart Center (FOHC) timber is predominantly used in our overhang brackets, corbels, and corner bracing, as well as some of our specialty projects. FOHC timber is timber that has been cut to eliminate the center or heart of the timber where most of the checking originates. FOHC timbers are more stable, resulting in superior timber products.

Extending the Life of Western Red Cedar Products


Our standard stain is an exterior, long-lasting, oil-based stain sealer which protects the beauty of the wood while providing a rich transparent finish. The formula provides UV protection to resist fading, agents that inhibit the growth of mildew, and waterproofing to prevent moisture damage. Exterior applications only.

Regular Maintenance

Within the first 12-18 months after installation, we recommend re-coating your timbers with stain/sealer. After the first re-application of stain, you may re-coat your timbers as you see fit to obtain the look and color you prefer. Stain can be purchased directly from Southern Woodcraft & Design.

Southern Woodcraft & Design LLC offers a product warranty covering faulty workmanship or any structural defects. Checking, the natural cracking of timbers over time, is not a structural defect and therefore is not covered under our warranty.